Matthew Keller, Professor
Director • Professor
Institute for Behavioral Genetics • Psychology & Neuroscience

Institute for Behavioral Genetics
University of Colorado Boulder
447 UCB
Boulder, CO 80309-0447

Research Interests:

Developing models to understand complex trait genetics. Using family-based GWAS datasets to estimate direct genetic effects and the environmental influences of parents on offspring. Modeling and simulating genetically informative designs that better enable us to understand the causes of human differences.

Active Grants:

  • NIMH R01 MH130448 7/2022-6/2027 Causes and consequences of mental disorders: The environmental and genetic influences of parents on offspring. Role: Principal investigator
  • NIMH 2R01 MH100141 2/2013-4/2023 Estimating the genetic and environmental architecture of psychiatric disorders. Role: Principal investigator
  • NIMH R25 MH019918 2/2024-1/2029 Workshop on statistical genetic methods for human complex traits. Role: Principal investigator
  • NIDA R01 DA054087 5/1/2022 – 4/30/2027 Understanding the links between parental and adolescent substance use: complementary natural experiments using the children of twins design. Role: Co-Principal investigator
  • NIDA R01 DA046064 4/2018-1/2023 Brain and genetic predictors of individual differences in pain and placebo analgesia. Role: Co-investigator
  • NIDA R01 DA044283 5/2019 – 2/2024 Deep sequencing, phenotyping, and imputation in large-scale biobanks: A novel and cost-effective framework to identify rare mutations associated with addiction. Role: Principal investigator of subcontract
  • NIDA R01 DA053693 4/2024 – 3/2028 Adult Progression of Adolescent Onset Substance Use Disorder in a High Risk Sample. Role: Co-investigator

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