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Welcome to our new section for alumni of IBG. We hope this will become a forum for sharing experiences, providing suggestions and advice, and staying connected and involved with the Institute.

Since the first graduate of the training program obtained his PhD in 1970, nearly 200 of you have been part of IBG’s pre-doctoral program leading to graduate degrees across a wide range of life sciences including Psychology, Pharmacology, Evolutionary Biology, Integrative Physiology, Pharmacy, Pharmaceutical Sciences, Molecular Biology, and Physical Anthropology. Many more have undertaken postdoctoral training at the Institute.

Most of you have gone on to academic and research careers, or endeavors where your IBG training has been beneficial. We would very much like to hear about what you are doing now, and we have provided an online form below where you can share a few comments about yourself and your career.

If you would like to volunteer to help IBG, we have several opportunities to suggest:

1) For our next annual report we would like to include some brief profiles of IBG alumni, hopefully representing each decade from the 70’s to the present.

2) If there is anyone interested in creating and maintaining a wikipedia presence for IBG, we’d very much like to hear from you. To avoid a confict of interest, the site creator should not be anyone currently working at IBG. So this is an ideal opportunity for some of our alumni to create a page about IBG, or about our distinguished faculty members and research programs. There are lots of places in wikipedia where a link to IBG would be appropriate and would help raise IBG’s profile.

3) If you are interested in contributing financial support to IBG, we have opportunities to support the education of our students and trainees, to create faculty positions, to support the human and physical infrastructure that is essential for our research and education, and to contribute to our goal of a new purpose designed building where we can bring together all of IBG’s activities under one roof. We are actively working with the CU Foundation to facilitate giving that will have a clear and identifiable impact.

If you want to volunteer or to discuss any of these opportunities, or if you have your own ideas for how alumni can continue to be involved with the Institute, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

With very best wishes,


John K. Hewitt, Director