IBG uses shared calendars for Journal Clubs, First Friday speakers, other events, and for scheduling room use.

To get edit access to the calendars, to add events or schedule rooms, please contact Jeff Lessem. Information on subscribing to the calendars is detailed below.

IBG Events

The IBG Events calendar is used for Journal Club, First Friday speakers, job candidate talks, and other important IBG wide events.

IBG Rooms

The IBG Rooms calendar is used to schedule use of IBG 210, 261, 120, and the commons space.

Subscribing to the calendars and adding them to your calendar app

There are several addresses that can be used to subscribe to the calendars. Instructions for several calendar applications are provided below. The IBG calendars are just Google calendars, so directions to add the calendars to other applications will be similar to subscribing to any Google calendar. If you need assistance, please contact Jeff Lessem.


IBG Events calendar addresses
Google ID c_e9hci3uaq76samo92pvm287lvc@group.calendar.google.com





IBG Rooms calendar addresses

Google ID


Web https://calendar.google.com/calendar/embed?src=c_am7estoq6gr0vs6a57dlrpq...

Google calendars online

  1. Go to your Google calendars page
  2. Find "Other calendars" in the left side column
  3. Click the "+" to add a new calendar
  4. Select "Subscribe to calendar"
  5. On the "Add calendar" page, paste the Google ID (from above) for the calendar you want to add
  6. Press "Enter"
  7. Adjust the calendar settings (notifications, etc.) as desired
  8. Return to your calendars page
  9. If you have permission to edit the calendar, it will appear under "My Calendars" if you only have permission to view, it will appear under "Other calendars"

Mac Calendar (view only)

  1. Open the Calendar application on your Mac
  2. Under "File" click "New Calendar Subscription..." or press "⌥⌘S" (option-command S)
  3. Paste the iCal/ics link (from above) for the calendar you want to add
  4. Click "Subscribe"
  5. Adjust the "Auto-Refresh" interval to something more frequent than the default "Every week", "Every hour" should be frequent enough
  6. Click "OK"

Outlook (view only)

  1. Go to the calendar section of Outlook
  2. Click on "Open Calendar" from the top ribbon
  3. Select "From Internet"
  4. Paste the iCal/ics link (from above) for the calendar you want to add
  5. Click "OK"
  6. Click "Yes"

Mac Calendar (edit)

  1. To edit an IBG calendar in Mac Calendar, you must be connected to your CU Google account from your Mac
  2. Open the "System Preferences" application
  3. Open the "Internet Account" application from within System Preferences
  4. Click the "+" in the bottom left corner
  5. Click on the "Google" logo to add a Google account
  6. Enter your identikey@colorado.edu as your email address
  7. Enter your identikey password
  8. On the "Select the apps you want to use with this account:" panel, make sure "Calendars" is selected
  9. If you already have your CU Google account linked to your Mac, then select it, and make sure "Calendars" is checked
  10. In the Calendar application, there should now be a section on the left panel under "identikey@colorado.edu" listing the calendars available in your Google account
  11. If you do not see the calendar you want, then follow the directions above for adding the IBG calendars to your Google account; once added they will appear in your Mac Calendar application

Outlook (edit)

Editing a Google calendar from Outlook requires installing a CalDav plugin. Documentation will be added soon.