Personal leave is an important benefit for our employees, and the University of Colorado has a generous leave accrual policy. Human Resources wants to help ensure that employees use this important benefit. We also want to support those in supervisory roles as they balance their many competing priorities. This overview of Campus expectations and general guidance regarding the appropriate tracking and management of employee leave.

Leave Requests

  • Employees are responsible for requesting leave as far in advance as possible. 
  • All leave requests must be approved by the supervisor in advance of the leave. 
  • Each department may develop leave request procedures that best meets the needs of the department; however, all leave requests must provide sufficient information for the supervisor (or appointing authority) to determine the type of leave appropriate for each absence.

Reporting/Tracking Leave

  • Leave usage must be accurately reported and entered into HCM for the appropriate biweekly or monthly pay cycle for each employee. 
  • Each department is responsible for ensuring that employees complete timesheets and/or leave records in a timely manner based on the frequency of their pay period. 
  • Each supervisor must approve employee timesheets/leave records for each pay period before time is entered in HCM. 
  • Leave records are retained in compliance with University of Colorado Boulder document retention standards. The department serves as the official custodian for leave records.
  • The fiscal year employee leave record forms are especially important so employees can verify their leave usage at the end of each fiscal year. Every employee and supervisor must sign these forms to verify leave balances for employees on an annual basis. 
  • An employee does not have the authority to verify the accuracy of his/her own vacation and sick leave record; the supervisor must verify the balances. 

 Annual Leave Verification

In accordance with Regent Policy 11.E.4.b (University Staff/Faculty) and the State of Colorado Department of Personnel's Personnel Board Rules and Personnel Director's Administrative Procedures 5-3 (Classified Staff), employees must certify leave annually.

Departments should provide employees with leave balances on an annual basis. This should occur in the month of July after the current fiscal year has ended. Departments may use an employee work record form for all employees, which captures leave taken and leave accrued for that fiscal year. 

  • Employees must review, sign, and return the leave balance sheet to the appropriate department personnel, which may be processed electronically via DocuSign.
  • Employees should contact department personnel if they do not agree with their leave balances.
  • Departments must retain a copy of employees' annual leave usage. Departments should provide copies for employees, as requested.
  • Additional information regarding leave benefits for classified employees and university staff is provided on the Summary Leave Chart.

The Office of Employee Relations is ready to assist you in your leave management efforts. If you have any questions, please contact HR at 303-492-6475.