Teresa Hernandez
Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion Recruitment Program Manager
Diversity & Inclusive Excellence • Talent Acquisition

Teresa is a multi-generation Colorado native with migrant farmworker parents from the San Luis Valley. Both parents were activists at CU during the Chicano movement and both worked at CU.  Her dad was a Custodian/Security Guard and her mom was a Counselor undertaking inclusivity work at CU for 40 years. Teresa and her partner continue this legacy as alumni and staff at CU.

Teresa's work has focused on advocating for underrepresented communities both within the nonprofit and educational realm. Since 2006, her campus career has focused on making excellence inclusive in both Student Affairs and Human Resources.

Her area of expertise includes advocacy for students and inclusive recruitment for staff and faculty. It is important to her that others feel heard, respected, and valued as a student, staff, faculty, and/or community member in order for people to have meaningful experiences while on campus.