Welcome!  As a CU Boulder new hire, we need certain personal information from you in order to hire you into the payroll system, activate your access to the employee portal and send you a paycheck. 

Do you need to complete this form?

  • If you have never worked for CU (Anschutz, Boulder, Denver, Colorado Springs campuses) before, as a student or otherwise, then you most likely will need to complete this form.
  • If you have previously received a paycheck from CU (Anschutz, Boulder, Denver, Colorado Springs campuses), you may already have an employee ID number. Do not complete the form linked below, and please let your supervisor or HR liaison know. 

What is an employee ID number?

  • An employee ID number is the unique 6-digit identification number given to a University of Colorado employee upon hire. It is not your social security number or IdentiKey.

Where can I find my employee ID number?

  • Your employee ID number is printed at the top of each pay advice or check that you receive. It can also be located in MyCUinfo on the welcome page under MyCUinfo Profile, or the Pay Advice section under Employee Information on the CU Resources page.

 Action Required

Complete the Personal Information Form

Do not fill out this form more than once, and be sure to fill in every field before submitting.


*Human Resources does not request personal information outside of established business processes to complete the hiring process. If you are unsure of a request for personal information, please contact Human Resources at 303-492-6475 or hrsc@colorado.edu