Published: Nov. 8, 2021

In May, Chancellor Philip P. DiStefano announced the implementation of Winter Break for the Boulder campus. Winter Break for staff and faculty on 12-month appointments will run from Dec. 25 to Jan. 1. 

In addition, the governor is providing 12 hours (prorated for percent of time) of additional leave (governor's holiday) to all state employees this year. These 12 hours (prorated for percent of time) can replace administrative leave already granted by a department for use during Winter Break. Individuals who are required to work during the break can flex  Winter Break holiday/administrative leave and should talk to their supervisors about flexing, or taking this time off at a later date, based on scheduling needs in their unit or department.

During Winter Break, most academic and administrative offices will close for nine days, and most students, faculty and staff will be away from their work and classroom duties. However, areas providing essential services will remain open, and department chairs, institute directors and nonacademic unit directors will determine appropriate staffing levels to ensure continued operations and service.

The goal of the revised schedule is to enable students and most faculty and staff to be on leave at the same time, reducing the need for on-call scheduling. It will also enable most of our faculty and staff to take a meaningful pause from work to recharge and focus on personal priorities. 

The campus will reopen on Jan. 2, which falls on a Sunday, and some campus operations will resume that day. Business hours will resume in full on Monday, Jan. 3. This schedule will not impact the academic calendar, and classes for the spring 2022 semester will begin on Jan. 10 as planned.

View the CU Boulder holiday calendar.