Published: July 24, 2020

Now, more than ever, engagement is essential to retaining and developing employees. Engagement can be supported in many ways, often through learning, dialogue, and participating in campus community-based activities and resources. Dialogue and participating in campus-community activities promote better understanding and creative solutions by bringing together different people and groups. It emphasizes listening to deepen understanding and encouraging diverse perspectives in the learning space.

The Department of Human Resources recommends supervisors provide time for employees to attend campus community-based events, resources, and programs to increase employee engagement, bring employees to higher levels of productivity, and retain employees. Best practice is to create a standard amount of time (example: 5% or 2 hours per week for full time employees) for employees to take advantage of campus community-based events or employee resources and programs, such as diversity and inclusion training and events, Faculty and Staff Assistance Program, Ombuds Office, shared governance participation or LinkedIn Learning training. 

Engaging employees is critical for retaining valuable talent and is an important piece of employee satisfaction.  With this in mind, HR encourages participation in campus community-based activities that strengthen our community.  At the same time we recognize that time away from regular duties should not have a significant impact on unit operations and is at the discretion of the supervisor.