Our master’s degrees prepare students for careers in journalism and media by combining classes in technology and business with skills in multimedia storytelling in order to run media organizations or build your own brand. Students learn to gather information from a diversity of sources, to analyze it critically, and to report what is significant, through stories that work across multiple platforms. 

Our doctoral program grounds students in both mass communication theory and research methods, and focuses on the practices that guide news and media production, as well as the ways that audiences respond to news and information.

Degrees Offered

MA in JournalismMA in Journalism Entrepreneurship (offered through Continuing Education), PhD in Media Research and Practice

MA in Journalism and Journalism Entrepreneurship only offered for a summer start term at this time.

MA in Journalism
The Master of Arts in Journalism prepares students for professional success in news outlets, digital and social media platforms, and corporate communications. Students develop skills in information-gathering, storytelling and analysis across a variety of platforms and professional contexts, including video, online interactivity, social media, photography—and, of course, the printed word. The program is designed for students with limited academic or professional experience in journalism.

MA in Journalism Entrepreneurship

The Master of Arts in Journalism Entrepreneurship is an online professional degree program that prepares you to be a thoughtful and creative storyteller and entrepreneur using emergent technologies in a rapidly changing media landscape.

The program is designed for students with a range of professional experience who seek to understand and break through in a continually evolving media market.

PhD in Media Research and Practice

The PhD in Media Research and Practice (MDRP) is an umbrella that includes three distinct doctoral tracks – one in Strategic Communication, one in Media Studies and one, through the Journalism Department, in Journalism Studies. The PhD in Journalism Studies is a distinct track that focuses on exploring the intersection of journalism and society. Students gain a solid foundation through coursework that explores the theories and methods that shape mass communication research.

The program examines not only traditional journalism, but also user-generated content, citizen journalism, the audience’s impact on news production, social media’s role in news, new quasi-journalistic outlets, etc. Students research institutions, content, audiences and publics – and they can approach these subjects through many lenses: sociological, psychological, historical, cultural, political, economic, legal and more.

Contact Information

MA in Journalism and PhD in Media Research and Practice:

University of Colorado Boulder
College of Media, Communication and Information
UCB 478
1511 University Ave.
Boulder, CO 80309-0478
E-mail: cmcigrad@colorado.edu
Phone: 303-492-7977 

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MA in Journalism Entrepreneurship:

University of Colorado Boulder
Division of Continuing Education
UCB 178
1505 University Ave.
Boulder, CO 80309-0178
E-mail: onlineje@colorado.edu
Phone: 303-492-5148
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