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Mission Statement:

While there are numerous resources on CU’s campus that are designed to assist and support students who experience harassment, discrimination, and assault, there is a fundamental gap between those resources and the student bodies they serve. The independent, student-run Geology Social Misconduct Awareness and Response Team (GeoSMART) provides an essential bridge that will assist in guiding students through the process of best utilizing these existing resources on campus.

Contact Us:

To get involved with GeoSMART or to reach out for resources email us at geosmart@colorado.edu.

Review Your Experience With Campus Resources to GeoSMART

Graduate Student Representatives:

These are knowledgeable and approachable allies from whom graduate students who are managing issues of harassment or assault can seek support and knowledge on what resources are available. The GeoSMART Graduate Representative positions are not intended to provide legal guidance, formal counsel, or to act as a mediator in difficult situations. Graduate Representatives are intended to be a helpful starting place from which students can seek assistance through other on-campus offices.

Campus Resources:

https://www.colorado.edu/dontignoreit/ - Don't ignore mental health concerns, harassment, discriminatory actions, unwanted sexual behavior, abuse in a relationship, stalking, and other abusive behavior. This page can help you find a variety of resources on campus to deal with these issues

https://www.colorado.edu/redfolder/ - The Red Folder a resource for faculty and staff for helping respond to students in distress

https://www.colorado.edu/ova/ OVA (Office of Victims Assistance) OVA provides free and confidential information, consultation, support, advocacy and short term counseling services to University of Colorado Boulder students, graduate students, faculty and staff who have experienced a traumatic, disturbing or life disruptive event.

https://www.colorado.edu/oiec/ - OIEC (Office of Institutional Equity and Compliance) OIEC implements and enforces three university policies for students, staff, faculty, volunteers, and affiliates: Discrimination and Harassment; Sexual Misconduct, Intimate Partner Violence and Stalking; and Conflict of Interest in Cases of Amorous Relationships.

https://www.colorado.edu/ombuds/ OMBUDS Ombuds serves as a good place to surface, voice, discuss and clarify university-related concerns. They listen without judgment, help people untangle issues, develop options and strategize. They provide an impartial perspective and maintain what is shared with us in strictest confidence.

https://www.colorado.edu/counseling/ CAPS (Counseling and Psychiatric Services) CAPS offers confidential, on-campus mental health and psychiatric services for a variety of concerns such as academics, anxiety, body image, depression, relationships, substance use and more.