Come engage in the many facets of the Earth Sciences at CU-Boulder, one of the top 10 Earth Science schools in the US!
Earth Scientists figure out how the world works through discovery-based science.  Earth Scientists study the natural processes that change the structure and composition of the solid Earth, its surface, and its Oceans and Atmosphere. They ask how the planet and the life on it has evolved in the deep and the recent past using archives of information contained in rock and ice records.
Earth Scientists are solution-oriented and can make a positive difference in the world.  Earth Scientists embrace the stewardship of our planet, contribute to advances in sustainability, and tackle challenges in identifying and preserving energy and water resources.
Earth Scientists solve problems related to the discovery and responsible management of natural resources, developing environmental protections, identifying and mitigating natural hazards, and understanding the causes and effects of global change.
Earth Scientists embrace exploration and discovery, and find jobs in the private and public sectors that remain highly varied and engaging through time.

The Geological Sciences Department at the University of Colorado Boulder is proud to offer degrees at both the undergraduate and graduate levels. Undergraduate programs include a Bachelor of Arts in Geology and Geophysics along with a minor in Geology. Graduate studies include a Masters program and a Doctoral program. 

Meet our students!

We invite you to meet some of our current undergraduate and recently graduated students and read about their stories.