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Student Involvement and Hiring


New Forms


All Purchases for faculty and students on behalf of the Department need a funding source called a speedtype (ST). You can get this information from your professor, Marilynn, or TJ.

  • Travel Authorization (TA Form) - This form needs to be completed prior to any travel on behalf of the University. Once your information is complete and signed please forward the form to me for my signature and I will check funding. Once I sign and return you may begin booking travel.
  • International Travel Request – All International travel must be approved by Department Chair (Shemin Ge). This request form is in the CONCUR Travel link. If you have more than one appointment (Instaar and Geology) the approver might default to wrong person. Should this happen please see the HR person to get this corrected as it is a system default issue that will hold up your approval.
  • Add a Delegate to CONCUR - Travel expense Profile process needs to be completed to allow me to prepare your reimbursements for travel and other expenses.
  • Geology Travel Reimbursement form – form is used to recap your trip expenses with ST, per diem request to assist me in building your reimbursement report. Meals purchased on behalf of University function need to have an itemized receipt and the paid receipt with tip. NEVER have alcohol on these receipts. Tape the receipts to a piece of paper and list the attendees who were at the function.
  • Non - Employee Reimbursement – form to be completed for payment of expenses by any student who does not have employment with the University, visiting speakers, faculty recruitment, and grad student recruitment. Please see me with details of person needing payment as I will need their email address to auto-populate the form with correct accounting information and then I will email form to that person to complete and attach receipts.
  • Sole Source Justification form – For Faculty and lab managers – form to be completed for Capital Equipment purchases over $5,000.00 and will need a quote from the vendor for item being purchased.

Additional Information you will need to know: Christopherson Travel is the University Travel Agency at 303-694-8744. They will book all International travel, you can book other travel through the CONCUR travel system. Should you find cheaper airfare than they have please follow PSC Travel Procedures allow for internet airfare purchases, if the following criteria are met:

  • Obtain a comparison quote from Concur/ CBT prior to the internet purchase
  • Comparison quote must be for the same dates and general time frames as the purchased airfare
  • Total cost of the internet purchase must be less than the Concur/ CBT quote

Purchase must be made using a personal credit card and request reimbursement after the trip


Financial Resources

Travel Resources

Grant Resources

My.Leave Instructional Guides

Payroll & Personnel Resources

  • Employee position description matrix
  • Departmental timesheet policy
  • Biweekly pay periods and timesheet deadlines for Fall 2017
  • Request to work overtime form
  • Authorization to engage in outside employment form
  • Explanation of straight time vs. comp time
  • Doctoral candidate pay raise process (pre-doc to post-doc salary)
  • Work-study award tracking spreadsheet
  • New hire paperwork (personal information worksheet and emergency contact worksheet)

Hiring Research Faculty

Professional Research Assistant and Research Associate:

When planning to hire a new research faculty employee, there is a lengthy process to do so. Please plan on a minimum of 1-2 two months to complete this hire. All jobs must be approved by RIO (Research & Innovation Office) and posted on CU Careers to start a search (open or targeted). Therefore, please reach out to TJ Deaton to go over the hiring process. They will assist you through the hiring process and will provide you with the earliest hire date available per the Research & Innovation Office.

The three documents you will need to start the process are:

  1. PAR form Research Faculty
  2. Search Waiver (only needed for a targeted search)
  3. Research Faculty Checklist

Information for advertising job outside CU Boulder:

  1. You will need the job posting number. This will be provided to you by your business office contact person once the position/job has been approved by Research & Innovation Office. You will want to include the job posting number with a statement that all applicants must apply on CU Careers.
  2. Use the University's official name: “University of Colorado Boulder” (no “at,” no comma, no hyphen)
  3. Use “Department of Geological Sciences”
  4. Use campus box “399 UCB”

In addition, the data page from the Research & Innovation Office is needed to determine earliest start date; please contact your Business Office professional for assistance.


Offering work to a volunteer requires filling out the departmental Person of Interest (POI) Request form. Please submit forms electronically to TJ Deaton. A background check may be needed for certain positions. If needed, the volunteer may not begin until the background check process is complete. Thank you.