Please note that you may not start work until your I-9 Employment Eligibility paperwork has been completed. If you have not worked at CU before, you are required to complete I-9 paperwork either prior to, or on your appointment start date. When GEOL is in receipt of your signed "hire request" form, you will be emailed the I-9 form to complete Section 1 electronically, along with instructions on where to complete Section 2 of this paperwork in person. Please look for an email from CU's vendor HireRight and fill out section 1 of the I-9 form right away. Visit the Human Resources website for information and look for the list of acceptable documents to complete your I-9 paperwork. Please note – you may not complete this paperwork in person unless you bring proper ID(s) with you, and photo copies of your ID(s) are not acceptable for this purpose.

Fall 2023 Hourly Timesheet Deadlines and Pay Period Dates:

Fall 2023 Bi-weekly Pay Period Begin and End Date Hourly Employee Timesheet Submission Deadline, Due by Close of Business Day Supervisor Timesheet Approval Deadline, Due by Close of Business Day Employee Pay Day

** Last Working Day for Students Graduating

Last working day for students graduating Fall 2023 is