Who Are We?

A peer-based, graduate student group for support of and advocacy for LGBTQ+ issues in the Geosciences.

Our Mission

Thr mission of Geo+ is to be a safe space for LGBTQ+ graduate students within the geology department to discuss issues pertaining to their experience, academically and personally, while at CU Boulder. In addition, Geo+ aims to advocate for LGBTQ+ students in a departmental context, making sure that our voices are heard by our peers and the administration in a manner that protects students from individualized harm. Geo+ also interfaces with other LGBTQ+ campus groups to promote programming, training, and resources as well as plan social events that serve both students in the geological sciences department and the broader LGBTQ+ campus community and allies.

Goal 1: Be an inclusive and safe space for LGBTQ+ folks

To this end, we have created a Slack workspace wherein students can share resources, have informal text-based discussions, and instigate more formal discussions (through virtual or in-person conferencing) about being LGBTQ+ at CU.

Goal 2: Be a resource for the GEOL department, LGBTQ+ community members, and allies

To this end, we will connect Geology members to training that promotes inclusivity of LGBTQ+ identities while also increasing visibility of LGBTQ+ identities in the department. We will advance the engagement of speakers (students or faculty) who either 1) promote LGBTQ+ dialogues or 2) are LGBTQ+ and wish to discuss research. This effort will include forming close ties with other LGBTQ+ student organizations on campus.

Goal 3: Solidarity

Geo+ stands with members of oppressed groups. One cannot advocate for LGBTQ+ issues without recognizing the importance of solidarity with other oppressed groups and the intersectionality of identities within our own community. We affirm that LGBTQ+ is not a homogenous group - that the privileges and experiences of members in our group will be different based on our respective identities - but that all are valued.

Contact Us


Point of Contact: Spencer Zeigler

Communication Lead: Toby Halamka

Outreach Coordinator: Tristan Caro

Member at Large: Katie Rempfert