Room Reservation Policies and Procedures

Benson 380
Rental rate: $250/day
  Includes atrium & balcony use
Capacity: 60 people (not including atrium or balcony capacity)

Check Availability   Rental Contract and IN Form

Things to consider before you make a request:

In addition to State and University policies, the Department of Geological Sciences retains the right to limit access to use the Benson Earth Sciences Building to those individuals and activities deemed to support and promote its academic mission and vision.

•    The Benson Earth Sciences Building was built for the Department of Geological Sciences.  The entire building has WiFi access for computers registered on the CU network.  Requests and needs of the Geological Sciences Faculty, Staff, Students and Researchers will always be considered priority and possible “bumping” can occur based on that need up to two months in advance.    
•    The 380 Conference Room accommodates no more than 60 people.
•    Events outside normal business hours are approved at the discretion of the departments Office Manager, Chair and Building Proctor.
•    BESC 380 & the Atrium have associated room rental costs.  Campus groups may at the discretion of the Department may pay less than off-campus groups.
•    Security is important in this building.  Part of the booking arrangement may involve obtaining access by use of a key or CCURE swipe access.
•    In advance of the event, it is the responsibility of the requestor (that’s you) to review the Audio/Visual capabilities of the room. If you have any questions after reviewing and/or testing the AV equipment, please contact our building proctor at
•    Our conference room is designed for the renter/user to furnish a laptop, plug in, and present. There are no computers in the conference room. Computer hookup is via VGA, HDMI cables. There are also USB-C & HDMI adapters available. If you have a Mac or other computer with a different video connector, you need to bring it with you.
•    If you would like a free AV system walkthrough, you must request and book it at least 48 hours prior to the event with the geology IT department [Note: We can’t guarantee availability of a tech for the walkthrough]
•    If special technology needs require a tech to either set up or cover an event, then you will be charged a fee.
•    Video-conferencing is available via Zoom. There is a Crestron Mercury/ Hudley Camera cart in the 380 conference room.
•    Food and drink is allowed in the 380 conference room unless specifically stated. We will charge a fee for any damage caused by careless use of food or drink.  If caterers or other deliveries are expected, the event manager must be on site to receive them and must include these hours in the room reservation request.
•    The department does not have additional tables or chairs to rent.  The requestor needs to make arrangements for additional furniture set up after getting approval from geological sciences.
•    Requestors are required to submit a contract that must be competed a minimum of two calendar weeks or 10 business days in advance of the date of the event.  
•    If paying by check (for off-campus organizations), check must be received at least five business days prior to the date of the event or the booking will be canceled or by due date on contract.
•    No events will be scheduled more than a semester in advance.
•    If alcohol is to be served at your event, contact University Risk Management for liquor liability insurance requirements: (303) 735-5900 
•    When requested, liability insurance must be obtained and in force.
•    All applicable building and University policies must be followed.

Reserve an event date in the Benson Earth Sciences 380 Conference Room.

  • Please check with our building proctor to reserve an event date.
  • After you have confirmed your event date reservation, fill out the Benson 380 Rental Contract and IN Form.
  • Stop by the front office (rm 285) on the day of your event to get a room key and AV packet.  You can also make arrangements to pick up a key on the day before your event.