The annual Environmental Engineering Networking Event focuses specifically on Environmental Engineering and Water Resources at CU Boulder

//" color="gold" size="regular" style="regular"]Check out the Picture of the 2017 EVEN Networking EventWhen and where does it take place?

We are planning our Networking Event for February 11th, 2021!

Naturally, this coming semester it will be a virtual event.  We will be using Handshake as our platform so you need to be prepared ahead of time.  Actually, at least 3 weeks ahead of time!

So please, take this winter break to:

  1. Get your account set up on Handshake
  2. Get your resumes and cover letters prepared & uploaded on Handshake

in order to take part of our networking event.

  1. Make your resumes public on Handshake.  This is the way the industry reps will be able to view them.


You can connect with the Career Services to get help on your resumes: 

Resume and Cover letter help:


Please Visit the "Companies Information" Webpage