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April 2024

Identity and Inclusion in Alt Text

This is meant to be a entry point to create a deeper understanding of the implications alt text has when people are the subject of an image.

February 2024

Slide Deck Accessibility

Learn skills to reach a broader audience and enhance the accessibility of your slide decks.

January 2024

Audio Description

Learn why audio description is important, when to include it, and how!

December 2023

Form Accessibility

The Accessibility Dilemma: Web forms versus PDF forms.

November 2023

Accessible Data Visualizations

Consider the accessiblity of data visualizations and how they may be inaccessible to your users or audience.

October 2023

A2Y Conference Summary

Our high level summary of the DAO-hosted A2Y Conference during Disability Awareness Month

September 2023

Disability Awareness Month

Join the DAO in celebrating Disability Awareness Month

August 2023

Invisible Disabilities

Learn some steps you can take to support individuals with invisible disabilities.

July 2023

Accessibility Minute Newsletter Third Anniversary

Celebrate this milestone with the DAO!

June 2023

Creating Accessible Surveys

Explore tips on how to make surveys accessible.

May 2023

Accessibility Overlays

Learn about accessibility overlays and whether or not they are truly accessible.

April 2023

Accessibility for Digital Communicators

As a digital communicator, it is important to make sure all audience members can access your content. Follow our tips on how to make your digital communication content accessible.

February 2023

Accessible In-Person Events

Planning ahead for accessibility is important for any event. Follow our tips on how to make your next in-person event accessible.

January 2023

Software Accessibility Testing Project

Learn about the software tested in DAO's accessibility testing project to guide future implementation.

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