At CU Boulder, captioning is a collaborative effort and directly supports CU Boulder’s strategic priorities by providing access for students, staff, and faculty. 

You can work with the DAO captioning team to caption and transcribe your content. The captioning team can submit captioning requests to a captioning vendor on your behalf; the cost starts at $1.28/min and can increase depending on the turnaround time needed and other factors. There will be no cost to you or your department if captioning is needed to fulfill a student’s captioning accommodation through the Disability Services Office. Submit the Captioning Request form to get started.

If you decide to create captions or transcripts on your own, we have resources that can help! Check out our DIY Captioning and Captioning Quality Guidelines pages to get started. Faculty, staff, and students can request captioning training or consultations at no cost by emailing Captioning@Colorado.EDU.

Captioning Resources