Automated captioning is a great way to get a head start on captioning your video content. Please note that automated captioning tools are not perfect and will require manual editing to improve the accuracy of the captions created.

Automated captions are not sufficiently accurate to be used to fulfill accommodation requests from students, employees, or members of the public. For accommodation requests, automated captions should be corrected by a human in accordance with captioning quality guidelines, or the media should be sent off through the campus captioning service for captioning by a vendor. Captioning costs for accommodation requests are covered by the university; all other captioning costs are covered by the department responsible for the media.

Zoom Cloud

You can create automated captions by recording to Zoom Cloud. You will be able to edit the captions within the Zoom web interface. Captions are only downloadable in the VTT format. This format is not able to be uploaded to Kaltura or My Mediasite directly (although Canvas Studio does accept VTT uploads). See our tips on converting VTT caption files to SRT.

Canvas Studio

Canvas Studio is a media tool available within Canvas that can generate automated captions for videos. Canvas Studio can provide automated captions for uploaded video files, videos created with its recording tool, or videos imported from YouTube.

Please note that videos in Kaltura or created with Kaltura Capture cannot be directly imported into Canvas Studio. If you need to get video files exported from Kaltura so that you can upload them into Canvas Studio, please contact for support.


YouTube is not a campus-wide OIT-supported service at CU Boulder, but it also creates automated captions for content uploaded to its platform. Learn more about YouTube automated captions and how to edit YouTube auto-captions to improve their accuracy.