Our commitment to accessibility extends far beyond compliance; it's about making a lasting impact in the lives of our diverse community members. Explore the stories of change and join us in fostering a more inclusive and equitable digital campus experience for all.

Assessment and Usability Success Stories

Below are a few of our most notable successes when conducting accessibility testing and consultations with our customers. Although we feel we've had many successful engagements over the years, we wanted to highlight a few instances that best express what makes a successful engagement.

Crafting Accessibility Success: Buff Portal

The Buff Portal (formerly USE Project), is a massive student-centered university product, combining many different functions and features into one central hub, thus making it easier for students to fully immerse themselves into CU Boulder’s large digital environment. Along with all the other complexities that go with trying to...

Commitment to an Accessible Experience: Buff Pass

The University of Colorado Boulder required a mechanism for the campus community to safely gain access to campus during the Covid-19 pandemic. The University engaged a 3rd party vendor, KPMG, to build a web application that allowed the CU community to complete a form and obtain a “pass” in...

Events and Campus Engagement

Explore our campus activities, from organizing fairs, events, and conferences to fostering campus-wide discussions to learn more about the exciting opportunities and collaborations that support our DAO mission.

Disability Awareness Month 2023

Although October is technically National Disability Employment Awareness month, it's commonly referred to as Disability Awareness Month. With that, the Digital Accessibility Office is utilizing this month to host a series of events to enhance awareness and celebrate disability, accessibility, and inclusivity. 2023 also marks the 50th anniversary of the...