The Digital Accessibility Office (DAO) is committed to spreading awareness and knowledge about digital accessibility on campus. This is why we offer a variety of trainings on digital accessibility to faculty, staff, and students, including consultations, presentations, and workshops. See our list of topics and schedule a training session with us today!

Training Inquiry Process

  1. Contact the DAO Training team to schedule a consultation.
  2. During this short 15 minute consultation, we will discuss what type of digital content you create and what topics (see Training Topics below) regarding digital accessibility you are interested in learning more about. Please note that you are not limited in terms of training opportunities. The topics listed below are broad and can be tailored to you or your department's needs. Also, if you wish to cover more than one topic and you have the availability, you have the option to combine trainings or schedule as many as you see fit.
  3. After the consultation, we will schedule the training session or training series. All trainings have the option to be held in-person or virtually and you are more than welcome to extend the invitation to others on campus.
  4. Once the training session or training series is complete, the training team will send a follow-up email to provide any additional support that may be needed.

    Training Topics

    • Intro to Digital Accessibility: An overview of the core concepts of digital accessibility and staff & faculty responsibilities under campus policy.
    • Content Accessibility: A theoretical overview of core skills for making accessible content. Not specific to a particular content editing platform.
    • Document Accessibility: How to create accessible documents (Word, PowerPoint, Google Docs, etc.).
    • PDF Accessibility: How to create accessible PDFs.
    • Captions & Video Accessibility: How to create accessible videos and apply captions.
    • Virtual & In-Person Presentations or Events: Guidance on hosting accessible virtual events or delivering accessible virtual presentations.
    • Any other topic that interests you: For customized training, please contact us for further discussion at DigitalAccessibility@Colorado.EDU.

    Self-Paced Training

    • Digital Accessibility Fundamentals - A self-paced Canvas course that takes approximately 60-90 minutes to complete. A CU Boulder Identikey is required to access this course.
    • Self-Paced Training Resources - Find step-by-step tutorials and information on how to create accessible digital content in Microsoft Word, Google Docs, Canvas, and more!