December 2022

Assessing Software for Accessibility

What are some steps you can take to choose accessible software?

October 2022

Talking to Vendors about Accessibility

What questions should you ask a vendor about their software accessibility?

September 2022

Google Docs and Accessibility

How accessible is Google Docs for people with disabilities, and can you create accessible Google Docs?

August 2022

Creating an Accessible Canvas Course

Ensure all students can access your Canvas course with ease for a smooth start to the semester.

June 2022

Accessible Tables: Table Headers

Learn about row headers, column headers, and how to tag them properly!

May 2022

Assistive Technology

Learn about assistive technology in our May newsletter.

April 2022

Accessible Canvas Quizzes

Build what you learned in on our March 2022 newsletter by learning how to make accessible quizzes in Canvas!

March 2022

Accessible Quiz Questions

Learn how to avoid creating access barriers when writing quiz questions.

February 2022

Manual Accessibility Testing

Learn why manual accessibility testing is essential to ensure access for all users, and how you can get digital content or software tested at CU Boulder.

January 2022

Accessible Virtual Presentations

Presentations in the virtual space need to be accessible – learn how in our January newsletter!