December 2021

Meet the DAO

Meet our team!

October 2021

Post-Production Captions

Create your own captions with this quick read on post-production captioning.

September 2021

Universal Design for Learning

Create more inclusive learning experiences with Universal Design for Learning.

August 2021


Learn about accommodations on campus.

July 2021

Images of Text and OCR

Learn how to convert images of text into digital text.

June 2021

Color Contrast

Why and how to use high color contrast in visual design.

May 2021

Visual Style

Learn how to use visual style in an accessible way.

April 2021

Accessible Fonts

Arial, Helvetica, Times New Roman - how do you choose? Learn about accessible fonts, font style, and font size.

March 2021

Automated Live Captions

Learn how to enable Zoom's new live automated captions and why they are beneficial for accessibility.

January 2021

Writing Alt Text

Start writing concise, descriptive alt text!