Find out more about the Paleontology Section's policies and procedures by downloading the Paleontology Section Collections Management Policy.

Data Requests and Curation Fees

The Paleontology Section does not charge for the use of its collections, and access to the collections is granted to qualified researchers on a case by case basis. Specimen and locality data are available free of charge to all qualified researchers or students affiliated with a public or private non-profit institution. Approved profit-making organizations and government agencies will be assessed a fee for file searches.

The University of Colorado Museum of Natural History is a state and federally-recognized repository for paleontological resources, but accepts collections only by prior curator approval. An authorized Repository Agreement may be required and curation fees may be assessed. Please contact Toni Culver for more information.


Off Campus Research Loans. Loans from the Paleongology Section's research collections are made to public and private non-profit institutions through individuals researchers for the purpose of research. Loans are the responsibility of the individual named on the loan invoice. The addressee may not secondarily lend or transfer UCM specimens to another person or institution without notifying UCM in writing and receiving prior written approval for the transfer. All loans are made for one year with the option of renewal. We encourage researchers to visit our collections, as our holotype specimens are not available for loan.

Loans are not made directly to students. Specimens requested for use by a student are the direct responsibility of the student's faculty advisor, and the advisor will be named as the borrower.

Specimens should be returned promptly at the end of the research project or tenure of the loan, whichever comes first. Research specimens may be loaned for exhibit or educational purposes provided that adequate measures are taken to ensure the safety of the specimens, and only with curator approval. Under special circumstances (e.g. preparation), a curator may approve the loan of a specimen to an individual.

Please contact Toni Culver for more information about vertebrate and trace fossil loans, or Kathy Hollis for more information about invertebrate or plant fossil loans.

On Campus Teaching Loans

Loans may be made to professors to assist with lectures or labs on the Boulder campus. Under agreement with individual professors for specific classes, such loans may be made directly to teaching assistants but the specimens remain the responsibility of the professor/instructor of the class. Under normal circumstances, and without special approval by the Curator, only specimens from the section's teaching collections or specimens with no data may be loaned for the purpose of teaching.

Standard loan forms must be completed for teaching loans just as with research loans. The main paleontological teaching collection is reserved for the use of University of Colorado Boulder classes. Some paleontological materials are available for loan to pre-approved local schools. Contact a member of the vertebrate or invertebrate primary curatorial staff for more information.