Erin Tripp (Curator)
Erin Tripp has served as Curator of the COLO Herbarium since 2013. She studies systematics, evolution, and floristics of the large (>4,000 species), pantropical plant family Acanthaceae. Additionally, Erin is interested in the biodiversity, evolution, and conservation of the North American lichen biota.

Tim Hogan (Collection Manager)
Tim Hogan has served as collection manager of the Herbarium since 1991. Along with his curatorial responsibilities in the herbarium, he has pursued floristic studies throughout Colorado. Areas collected and reported on include the Sangre de Cristo Mts., the Needle Mts. in the San Juans, the Eagles Nest Wilderness in central Colorado, Boulder Mt. Parks and Open Space, and Black Canyon of the Gunnison National Park.

Dina Clark (Collection Manager)
Dina is responsible for the daily care and curation of the collection. She is interested in floristics, particularly of the High Plains, and has been studying the flora of Colorado's eastern plains for 20 years. She has a great appreciation for the vital role that herbaria and natural history collections as a whole play in our understanding of biological diversity.

JoAnn Flock
Annotated Checklists of Bryophytes and Lichens Cape Prince of Wales, Alaska, U.S.A.

William Weber (Curator Emeritus)
Flora of Colorado.

Ron Wittmann (Museum Associate)
Flora of Colorado.

Former Graduate Research Assistants

  • Bethany Lewis (2008) Floristic Surveys of Arapaho National Wildlife Refuge in Colorado and Three Satellite Refuges in Wyoming
  • Pam Regensberg (2007) A Floristic Survey of the Baca National Wildlife Refuge, San Luis Vally, Colorado
  • Monique McHenry (2005) Ferns and lycophytes of the Southern Rocky Mountain Region
  • Mary Damm (2002) Controls of alpine vascular plant species diversity
  • Erin Robertson (2000) Limits to female reproductive success in the bottle gentianPneumonanthe bigelovii (Gentianaceae)
  • Rea Orthner (1999) Flora of the Buffalo Peaks Wilderness Area and vicinity, Mosquito Range, Colorado
  • Julie Korb (1997) Vegetation dynamics in four ecosystems along an elevational gradient in the Front Range, Colorado
  • Dina Clark (1995) A floristic survey of the Mesa de Maya region, Las Animas County, Colorado

Hazel Schmoll Research Fellowship in Colorado Botany
The Schmoll Research Fellowship was established in memory of Dr. Hazel Schmoll, an alumna of CU-Boulder and the first woman to receive a Ph.D. in Botany from the University of Chicago in 1935. The fellowship aims to continue her work of research and education in Colorado botany, with an emphasis on field botany, including systematics and ecology, of Colorado plants. It is open to students, faculty, and staff of the University of Colorado, with awards of up to $500.

Research projects supported by the Hazel Schmoll Research Fellowship in Colorado Botany

  • Rebecca Harris (2011), "Effects of mountain pine beetle and forest management on understory community composition"
  • Julia Hicks (2010), "Nontarget effects of a biological control agent on the native Colorado thistle Cirsium centaureae"
  • Meredith Gartner (2009), "Methods of Detecting Past Mountain Pine Beetle Outbreaks in Ponderosa Pine-Dominated Forests of the Colorado Front Range"
  • Dina Clark (2008), "Floristic Survey of Eastern Colorado"
  • Mary Jamieson (2006), "Effects of Nitrogen Availability on Plant Performance and Secondary Chemistry"
  • Pamela Regensberg (2006), "Baca National Wildlife Refuge Floristic Survey"
  • Bianca Breland (2005), "Anthropogenic Landscape Disturbance and the Common Sunflower"
  • Nehalem C. Breiter (2004), "How Selective are Biological Controls? Evaluating the Potential for Non-Target Herbivory through Field Testing and Regional Ecological Risk Assessment"
  • Courtney L. Meier (2003), "Ecophysiology of alpine plant communities on Niwot Ridge"
  • Cristina Rumbaitis-del Rio (2003), "Compound Disturbances: Do Pre-Fire Disturbances Influence Post-Fire Regeneration?"
  • Eric Dechaine (2002), "Pleistocene Impacts on Genetic Diversity in Sedum lanceolatum(Crassulaceae)"
  • Rosemary Sherriff (2002), "The Historic Range of Variability of Ponderosa Pine in the Northern Front Range: Past Fire Types and Fire Effects"

Publications for Sale
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Boulder, CO, 80309-0350, USA

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