Stephen Lekson

Curator of Anthropology and Professor of Anthropology
(Ph.D., University of New Mexico)

Curator Stephen Lekson's current research includes a five-year, multiple-institution project to synthesize the archaeology of Chaco Canyon, New Mexico, and field projects at Bluff, Utah, and Cañada Alamosa, New Mexico. His research in the collections currently focuses on the Mimbres and Yellow Jacket collections.

Selected Recent Publications:

  • 2009   Lekson, S. H. A History of the Ancient Southwest. SAR Press, Santa Fe.
  • 2009   Lekson, S.H. Lost Cities, Prairie Castles: Mesa Verde, Manitou Cliff Dwellings, Bent's Old Fort and the Fort Restaurant. In The Archaeology of Meaningful Places, edited by Maria Nieves Zedeno and Brenda Bowser. University of Utah Press, Salt Lake City.
  • 2007   Lekson, S. H. (editor). The Architecture of Chaco Canyon. University of Utah Press, Salt Lake City.
  • 2007   Lekson, S.H. Europe and the Buildings Without History. In Canyon Gardens: The Ancient Pueblo Landscapes of the American Southwest, V.B. Price and Baker H. Morrow, editors. University of New Mexico Press, Albuquerque.
  • 2006   Lekson, S.H. Archaeology of the Mimbres Region, Southwestern New Mexico, U.S.A.British Archaeological Reports, International Series 1466, Oxford.
  • 2006   Lekson, S.H. (editor). The Archaeology of Chaco Canyon. School of American Research Press, Santa Fe.
  • 2005   Lekson, S.H. Complexity. In Southwestern Archaeology in the Twentieth Century, edited by Linda Cordell and Donald Fowler. University of Utah Press, Salt Lake City.
  • 2005   Lekson, S.H. Chaco and Paquimé: Complexity, History, and Landscape. In North American Archaeology, edited by Timothy Pauketat and Diana Loren. Blackwell.
  • 2002   Lekson, S.H. Salado Archaeology of the Upper Gila, New Mexico. University of Arizona Press, Tucson.
  • 1999   Lekson, S.H. Chaco Meridian: Centers of Political Power in the Ancient Southwest. Altamira Press, Walnut Creek.

Dr. Jennifer Shannon

Curator of Anthropology and Assistant Professor of Anthropology
(Ph.D., Cornell University)

Interests: Anthropology of Museums and Museum Ethnography; Indigenous Rights and Representation; Contemporary Indigeneity and Settler Colonialism; Anthropology of Experts, Media and Knowledge Production; Anthropology of Tourism and Cultural Production; Ethics and Collaborative Practice; Native North America and Caribbean.

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