Heidi Ganahl

Puppy Love and Perseverance

After overcoming personal tragedy and business failure, Heidi Ganahl founded a small daycare for dogs that’s now the world’s largest pet care franchise.

Jennifer and Michael Schmelzer

South of Florence

Michael and Jennifer Schmelzer, brother and sister winemakers, produce premium Old-World wines on a family estate in Tuscany.

Patrick Mahaffy

Tools of the Camel Hunters

A new campus exhibition explores a remarkable set of tools that ice-age humans used to harvest Boulder’s natural bounty.

Carlton Stoiber cartoon

Cartoonist in the Cabinet

Carlton Stoiber is a nuclear law expert with a funny bone.

McCartney, 1991 Orange Bowl

Chance Favors the Prepared

CU-Boulder football caught some lucky breaks on the way to a national title 25 years ago. It didn’t hurt that the 1990 Buffs were also great at the game.


Buffalo Rancher

Hunted nearly to extinction by the time the University of Colorado was founded, the American buffalo owes its rebound mainly to private ranchers.


Chris Davenport, Christy and Ted Mahon summiting Jagged Mountain

Now – May 27, 2015

Chris Davenport (Hist’93) and Aspen ski mountaineers Christy and Ted Mahon made history this spring by summiting Colorado’s 13,824-foot Jagged Mountain and skiing down.

Kevin J. Krizek

Inquiry: Kevin J. Krizek

Kevin J. Krizek, professor of transport and the new director of CU-Boulder’s environmental design program, also serves as a visiting professor of cycling at Radboud University in the Netherlands, one of the world’s most bicycle-friendly societies.


Kids, Cartoons and Junk Food

CU-Boulder study finds plump cartoon characters drive kids to junk food.

soldiers parachuting

Paul Danish: The G.I. Buffs

The first of them arrived before the shooting stopped. The year was 1944. On June 22, President Roosevelt signed the G.I. Bill of Rights. Three months later 55 G.I.s enrolled at CU-Boulder.


Mission to Pluto: Accomplished

At mission control, CU contingent shares moment of triumph

Campus News Briefs – Fall 2015

Yosemite National Park poster

Look: National Parks

In the summer of 1979 Robert Decker (Comm’84) studied under Ansel Adams in Yosemite National Park. The life-changing experience united his emerging love of photography with his awe of America’s wild places.

mountain research in the Rocky Mountains

Origins: Alpine Science

The Rocky Mountains gave CU-Boulder a head start in alpine science. Francis Ramaley widened the lead.

Food info graphic

Infographic: Food

The brain is a notoriously ravenous organ, so feeding an average of 15,000 students every day is no small feat.

2014 Homecoming parade

Homecoming: Celebrating CU’s Finest

Globe-trotting bridge builder Avery Bang (MCivEngr’09) immersed herself in all things CU-Boulder at Homecoming Weekend 2014. She’s ready to do it again.

Wild India

Events – Fall 2015

Old Main

CU Around: Heritage Center

When the University of Colorado opened in 1876, it consisted of one building. Old Main, as it came to be called, held classrooms, the library and apartments for President Joseph A. Sewall, his family and the janitor.

Bruce D. Benson

Q&A with the President: Bruce D. Benson – Fall 2015

The Soviet Sputnik mission in 1957 first got my attention. Since then, I have been interested on several levels.

women's swimming

The Championship Club

Swimming and diving, triathalon teams win national titles.

Erin Clark running in track and field

Sports Briefs – Fall 2015

Nelson Spruce

Sports Q&A: Nelson Spruce

Senior wide receiver Nelson Spruce (Fin’15) caught a record-setting 106 passes last year, earning team MVP honors.

Bernard Trainor

Bernard Trainor: The General

From an early age, long before he became a U.S. Marine Corps Lt. General, Bernard Trainor (MA’63) pursued a simple life strategy.

Don Nottingham

Don Nottingham: Straight No Chaser

Don Nottingham (Law’04), a former prosecutor, travels the world as a member of the all-male a cappella group Straight No Chaser.

Esther Manheimer

Mayor Esther Manheimer

There are people with a fascination for the machinations of local government, and people who like beer.

Falling bear

Social Buffs – Fall 2015

In early July, a two-year-old black bear climbed a tree near the engineering complex, just east of Cockerell Hall, drawing delighted spectators, trained animal handlers and campus photographer Glenn Asakawa (Jour’86).

University of Colorado Hiking Club in High Falls

Then – April 1, 1919

The University of Colorado Hiking Club was founded April 1, 1919, to foster “a greater interest in the vast natural beauty that surrounds the University and to furnish an opportunity for the fullest enjoyment of [it].”