Published: Sept. 1, 2015

Chris Davenport, Christy and Ted Mahon summiting Jagged Mountain

Chris Davenport (Hist’93) and Aspen ski mountaineers Christy and Ted Mahon made history this spring by summiting Colorado’s 13,824-foot Jagged Mountain and skiing down: They are the first (and so far only) people ever to climb and ski all the Centennials, Colorado’s 100 highest mountains.

The Centennials comprise the state’s 53 14,000-foot and 47 tallest 13,000-foot peaks. Tackling the 13ers alone took the team three years.

Jagged Mountain (pictured), their final challenge, was also their toughest. It required hiking into the heart of Weminuche Wilderness — Colorado’s largest wilderness area — a trip that took four days on trails buried in snow, mud and downed trees, before climbing steep rock faces with ropes.

After a brief celebration at the top, they skied down and into history.

Davenport is no stranger to such feats.

In 2007, the two-time World Champion skier became the first person to ski all of Colorado’s 14ers in less than a year.

Photography by Chris Davenport @steepskiing;