steve ells

At the Table with Steve Ells

Steve Ells vividly recalls the day in 2000 when his eyes were opened about factory farming.

jon embree folsom

Forever Buff Jon Embree Takes Charge

When he received the offer in December to become the University of Colorado Boulder’s 24th head football coach, Jon Embree was prepared. Oh, was he ever prepared.

jennie dorris

Taking Note

Jennie Dorris takes classical music to the coffee shop.

sona and her daughter

Out of the Shadows

Fifteen percent of pregnant women experience depression. A CU professor seeks solutions.

tred and dog

A Man's Man

Sportsman Tred Barta has overcome a paralyzing stroke to make his hunting and fishing show more popular than ever.

frank barnes head shot

Dialing in on the Cell Phone Debate

Professor Frank Barnes weighs in on cell phones’ possibly damaging effects.

colorado river bridge

Concrete Results

How did Dave Zanetell guide the construction of the Western hemisphere’s longest concrete arch bridge?


crocs store

Boulder Named 4th Worst-Dressed City by GQ

Boulder's biggest fashion crimes.


Buffing up in Boulder

Reasons Boulderites stay so fit.

STEM logo

In the Classroom with Pac-Man

When Rod Falk’s middle school students create their own arcade classics like Frogger, Pac-Man and Space Invaders in his computer lab, they develop critical thinking skills.

dollar bill

Thanks for the Record-Breaking Year!

Amid a limping economy, CU alumni and friends rallied to support the university, giving a record-breaking $213.2 million during the 12 months ending June 30, 2011.

cu logo

5 Ways Students Connected with CU this Summer

When this year’s 5,600 new students arrived on campus, many had already networked with students, alumni and CU parents this summer.

tori peglar and marc killinger

Coloradan Takes International Gold Medal

In June your Coloradan magazine won first place from the Council for Advancement and Support of Education, one of the world’s largest nonprofit educational associations.


Finding the Guts to Transform Health

Your stomach bacteria could help doctors prescribe personalized medicine for you in the future, according to a study co-authored by CU-Boulder professor Rob Knight.


CU Mousanauts Ride Final Shuttle

As the country’s final space shuttle soared into space in July to heightened levels of excitement on the Florida coast, bone loss was the subject of one of five experiments CU-Boulder’s Bioserve Space Technologies sent aloft on Atlantis.

bruce benson

From the President - Fall 2011

The Fall 2011 column from President Bruce D. Benson.

cu logo

By the Numbers - Fall 2011

Sports stats from the Fall 2011 issue.

emma coburn

Test Your Buff Knowledge

Buff sports questions from the Fall 2011 issue.

football jersey

Buffs Join the Pac

CU and state and local officials celebrated the university’s entrance into the Pac-12 Conference on July 1.

sports facility

Slam Dunk on New Practice Facility

The basketball and volleyball teams moved into their $10.8 million practice facility attached to the north end of the Coors Events Center this summer.

mark wetmore

The Time of His Life

Mark Wetmore has been head coach of the CU cross country and track & field teams since 1995, winning five national cross country championships — three men’s and two women’s.

getches and wife

Remembering David Getches 1942-2011

If you had taken a boat up Washington’s Nisqually River with CU law dean David Getches and headed west down a muddy creek, you might have seen the remains of a 100-foot Douglas fir tree along the banks.

picture of memorabilia

Shall We Dance?

A popular custom originating in the 19th century, dance cards resulted from a woman’s social dilemma of choosing dance partners at parties.

jim patton

A Buff Forever in Flight

After more than 9,000 flight hours and 60 years as a pilot, James Patton Jr. landed at the end of his career where he first took off — on the plane of his childhood dreams.

allen on bike

Pedaling Power to Athletes

Kevin Costner isn’t a sports scientist, but he played one on the big screen. Allen Lim, on the other hand, is the real deal, and Costner can take some credit for that.

sarah with boxes

Gourmet Food Hits the Trail

Sarah Welton loved to eat and camp, so she decided to co-found PackitGourmet.

Billy lewis

Buff Tribute: Billy Lewis, 1938-2011

Billy Lewis, the school’s first African-American varsity basketball player, passed away in his Sarasota, Fla., home on June 14. He was 72.

autumn road

Driving Across the Divide

A personal essay from the Fall 2011 issue.



In every issue we feature professional-quality photography by alumni or students on these two pages.

ralphie running

Center Spread - Fall 2011

Center spread from the Fall 2011 issue.