biker gang

The World by Road

Two Buffs rediscover the U.S. by traveling the globe.

deborah fowlkes

A Return to Buff Country

Deborah Fowlkes, who grew up near campus, returns to her hometown as the Alumni Association’s executive director.

jeremy bloom

Jumping for Joy

Jeremy Bloom’s foundation gets elderly out the door.


A Change is Gonna Come

When JoKatherine Holliman Page began her freshman year at CU Boulder in 1956, the country was still reeling from the murder of Emmett Till, the Mississippi boy whose brutal beating served as a catalyst for the civil rights movement.

immigrants on a bus

Do Immigrants Reduce Crime?

Could the drop in crime rates in the 1990s could be related to the rise in immigration? The gears instantly started rotating in Wadsworth’s head.


Sleuthing for Jane Doe

As she pushes open the wrought-iron gate at Boulder’s Columbia Cemetery, Silvia Pettem looks like she is coming home.


indian children

Why Inject a Vaccine When You Can Inhale it?

A revolutionary inhalable vaccine developed at CU for measles prevention could lead to other inexpensive, easy-to-administer vaccines and save thousands of lives throughout the world.


Pushing for Immunity

The way you were born could impact the rest of your life.

cu logo

By the Numbers - Fall 2010

Fun facts in numbers from the Fall 2010 issue.

brain with parkinsons

Professor Helps Parkinson’s Patients Project Properly

An estimated 90 percent of those afflicted with Parkinson’s disease suffer from a diminished sense of how audible their voices are. It leads to problems being heard on the telephone, at the grocery store and in conversations with loved ones.


Why the Sundial Faces North

A column from Paul Danish on the history of the sundial outside of Norlin Library.

man speaks on gun ban

Campus Gun Ban Draws Fire

CU has no authority to prevent people from carrying concealed weapons on campus, according to an April ruling by the Colorado Court of Appeals, which set off a campus debate regarding guns.

photo of mars

Life on Mars?

Mars may have been home to an ocean and microbial life, according to CU scientists Brian Hynek and Gaetano Di Achille.

graduation cap

New Class News

An estimated 5, 200 students arrived on campus in August — a substantial number but 300 fewer than last year’s freshman class, despite an 8 percent increase in applications.

rick stevens

Syllabus Spotlight for Fall 2010

A spotlight on a class being offered by Rick Stevens in the fall of 2010.

jewish couple during holocaust

Holocaust Photos Lead to New Insights

CU professor David Shneer studies the relationship between individual and collective memory through the lens of Jewish photojournalists who covered Nazi atrocities in the Soviet Union during World War II.

bruce d benson headshot

Pac-10 Ushers in New CU Era

A column from University of Colorado president Bruce D. Benson.

signing to join pac 10

CU Packing up for Pac-10

In June CU officials announced the university’s move to the Pacific-10 Conference, joining such schools as Stanford, UC Berkeley and UCLA.

rodney billups

Younger Billups Joins Boyle's Basketball Staff

Rodney Billups, younger brother of former CU standout Chauncey Billups, was named director of basketball operations.

alfred williams

Williams Heads for Hall of Fame

Former CU linebacker Alfred Williams, the school’s all-time leader in sacks, will be inducted into the College Football Hall of Fame on Dec. 7, becoming just the fifth Buff to earn the honor.

jeremy dodson

Runners Excel at NCAA Championships

CU track and field athletes excelled at championship races in June.

linda lappe

Lappe Lines up Team

Linda Lappe, named CU women’s basketball head coach in the spring, filled out her staff by adding Jennie Baranczyk, Johnna Pointer and Jonas Chatterton as assistant coaches.

shayne culpepper

Sports Potpourri

Sports tidbits from the fall 2010 issue.

students in 1907

Old-School Entertainment

A 1907 photo of students at CU Boulder.

kay oltmans

Unlocking CU Secrets

Charged with preserving and promoting CU history, the CU Heritage Center is located on the third floor of Old Main. Director Kay Oltmans has been the primary caretaker of everything from a moon rock to the stuffed head of Ralphie I.

clyde martz

Buff Tribute: A Natural Resources Giant

A tireless attorney, CU professor, carpenter and water gardener, Clyde Martz passed away on May 18 at home in Albuquerque, N.M., after a long illness. He was 88.

neal sader

In Memoriam - Fall 2010

Forever Buffs who have passed away.

single carrot theater

Single Carrot Theatre

When members of Single Carrot Theatre put on Illuminoctem last November, they used a classic storyline — destiny brings boy and girl together, they fall in love at first sight and, despite adversity, are united in the end.

tony ortega

Tony Ortega

Tony Ortega’s palette makes culture vibrant.

dora polk

Dora Beale Polk

Dora Beale Polk on making a life of calm.


Struggling with the College E(q)uation

A personal essay from associate professor Valerie Otero.

jackie robinson

Letters - Fall 2010

Letters to the editor from the fall 2010 issue.

aerial shot cu

Centerfold - Fall 2010

The image from the fall 2010 centerfold.

parting photo

Demolition Drive-In

An image sent in from an alumni for the back page of the fall 2010 issue.