Published: Sept. 1, 2010 By

In the 1930s, CU President George Norlin often spoke of the beauty of the campus, which he said was “worthy to be the outward frame of the university’s soul.” But I often think about the people who have shaped CU’s inward frame. One of these people is Ron Stump, who retired in mid-August after two-and-a-half years as Alumni Association executive director and 12 years in student affairs, including nine as vice chancellor.

His door was always open to meet with any student, staffer or parent who wanted to talk, even when his schedule was packed. He became a “Where’s Waldo?” figure on campus as he seemed to be in a dozen places at once, including the Rec Center. His strong but unassuming leadership quietly transformed the campus. He co-led the Residential College initiative, spearheaded the Institute for Ethical and Civic Engagement, launched Forever Buffs, which includes all students and alums as lifelong members of the Alumni Association, and mentored hundreds of students and colleagues.

Ron passed the reins to Deborah Fowlkes (see pages 10-13), but in the words of the Norlin Charge, we bid you farewell, Ron, only in the sense that we hope you fare well in retirement.