The minor in Media Studies (MDST) allows students to choose from an array of course offerings, which focuses on contemporary media topics in one of three recommended concentrations:

  • Media, Technology and Society
  • Global Media Industries and Culture
  • Advocacy, Entrepreneurship and Social Change

A minimum of 18 credit hours are required. Students must complete MDST 1001 OR MDST 1002; and 12 additional hours of MDST course work, nine hours of which must be courses numbered 3000 or above. All courses counted toward the minor must be completed with a grade of C- or better. No pass/fail work may be applied.  No more than six credit hours of transfer work may be applied to the minor, including three hours of upper-division credit. The grade point average for all minor degree course work must be equal to 2.00 (C) or higher.

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