If your entire Main Campus program is online, you will typically be assessed the online fees listed below. These fees do not apply to programs on Coursera, certificates and masters in Teacher Leadership (MATL), Continuing Education online classes, or Main Campus programs with a combination of different instruction modes, such as remote or hybrid. 

Mandatory Fees

  • Career Services $12 per semester, not charged during summer term
  • Law Student Services $190 per semester, not charged during summer term
  • Student Computing Fee $33.62 per semester for 6 or fewer credit hours, $67.24 per semester for 7 or more credit hours 

Visit Mandatory Student Fees for fee descriptions. 

Other Fees

  • A&S Tech (ASSET) Fee $1.32 per credit hour per semester, charged for any Arts & Sciences classes regardless of your college, school or program
  • Immigration Compliance Fee $40 per semester (international students only)
  • New Student Fee $62–$500 (one-time fee upon entering a degree program)
  • Graduate and Professional Student Government (GPSG) Fee $11.62 per semester (graduate students only); not charged in the summer

Visit Other Fees and Charges on the University Bill for fee descriptions. 

A Word About Cost of Attendance: Tuition and fees are just one part of the overall cost to attend CU Boulder. The full cost of attendance for an academic year could include expenses such as on-campus housing and food, books and supplies, and items that are not billed by the university, such as personal expenses, transportation and medical insurance. View the full cost of attendance.