BFA Resolutions & Motions

Please see below for a list of BFA Resolutions and Motions for the last several academic years. If you'd like to see something prior to that, please use the form to request those. If you have a question about a BFA Resolution or Motion, you can use the form or contact us for any questions. 

BFA Ad-hoc Committee Business and BFA Authored Reports 

Per the BFA Bylaws Article V Section 6.C, the BFA may create ad-hoc committees to address specific campus business. To learn more about current and past BFA Ad-Hoc Committees see the BFA Committees page (currently under construction). Occasionally those committees author reports.  If you are looking for a report that is not listed here, please use the form on the right to request it.

BFA Student Affairs Committee

BFA Instructor-Track Faculty Affairs Committee