PhD Students and Faculty Demonstrate Projects at Local EventThe Ph.D. program at CU Boulder’s ATLAS Institute emphasizes out-of-the-box invention and radical inquiry; we invite applications from students whose interests transcend traditional disciplinary boundaries. Some of the most interesting research opportunities don’t fall neatly within traditional areas of expertise and we seek students who have a vision for a better future to work with our community of artists, designers, engineers, and humanitarians to develop their vision. 

Structurally, the ATLAS Ph.D. program is like any other research based doctoral program: a student forms an advisory committee, takes courses, takes a qualifying examination, proposes a dissertation, performs research, writes a dissertation, and defends it.  However, unlike most USA doctoral programs, our program has no set of required courses. Rather, the student, in consultation with her or his advisory committee, identifies expertise that will be needed to perform the research and selects courses to provide that requisite expertise. The curriculum is crafted from one student to the next depending on prior background and experience.

Curious?  Write to any of our graduate faculty members or to the graduate program advisor, Ms. Ruscha Cohen and let us know what you’re thinking.