The Arts & Sciences Faculty Senate (ASFS), a major part of the shared governance structure of the College of Arts & Sciences, is the primary representative body for the faculty of the College. The ASFS meets regularly as a group, usually with the Dean, to consider matters of College policy and to provide counsel and advice to the Dean and other administrators. The ASFS also oversees seven standing committees comprised of both ASFS representatives and College faculty. These committees cover areas essential to the governance and functioning of the College: Budget, Curriculum, Diversity, Grievance, Online Education, Personnel and Planning. The chairs of each committee, in conjunction with the chair of ASFS and two representatives from each divisional council, form the Council’s Executive Committee. Elected representatives, committee members, bylaws, motions and minutes of ASFS meetings may be found by following the tabs at right of this page.

The mission of the College of Arts & Sciences of the University of Colorado at Boulder is:

  • To preserve, interpret, and convey humane values and learning, while
  • Creating, integrating, and applying knowledge in the arts and sciences, by
  • Ensuring excellence across a broad scope of liberal arts education,
  • Providing a superior learning experience for students, through dedicated teaching, research, and creative work,
  • Fostering educational exchange within the University, the Colorado community, and society as a whole,
  • And maintaining a community of teachers and scholars devoted to the preservation and discovery of knowledge and to the well-being of future generations.

Chair: Andy Cowell
Administrator: Karalyn Wright

Other documentation relevant to the ASFS:

Revised A&S Strategic Plan

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