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Two distinguished profs recognized as top inventors

University of Colorado Boulder Distinguished Professors Leslie Leinwand and Chris Bowman have been named fellows of the National Academy of Inventors (NAI). Read more
the west

West words worth writing home about

Open to all CU Boulder students, Thompson Awards celebrate writing beyond the 100th meridian. Read more

The 2016 Elections: What Just Happened?

Four political scientists will offer their insights into the unexpected results of the 2016 elections, and what can we learn from them, in an event titled “The 2016 Elections: What Just Happened?” Read more

When does ‘na na na nah’ become poetry?

Paul McCartney spent three minutes singing “nah, nah, nah, na na na nah” in “Hey Jude.” Some might find that repetitious. Adam Bradley says it’s poetry. Read more

CU Boulder researchers develop brain model to quantify pain beyond sensory input

Pain is a signal of actual or potential damage to the body, so it is natural to think of it as a localized sensation: knee pain in the knee, back pain in the back and so on. Read more

Alter/Altar showcases CU grad student choreography

Arneshia Williams, an MFA candidate in dance at CU Boulder, didn’t get any formal training in her craft until adulthood. Before that, she learned everything she knew about dance from services on Sunday mornings. Read more

Sale of Utah's Comb Ridge reminds us of tragedy of Hetch Hetchy

John Muir, one of America's most treasured naturalists and proponent of conservation, visited Yosemite Valley in 1868 and was smitten by its grandeur. Read more

High-schoolers compete in ethics bowl at CU Boulder

Is it wrong to conceive a child so that tissue can be removed from that child and used to save the life of another child? Is it wrong to breed Munchkin cats for sale, given that such cats are known to suffer from a variety of health problems? Read more

Beckman Scholars Program to give students research experience

Undergraduate students at the University of Colorado will soon enjoy a new means of conducting scientific laboratory research, as CU Boulder is one of 11 U.S. institutions to receive a 2017 Beckman Scholars Program Award. Read more

Implementation committee for new A&S Core Curriculum launches

The implementation process began with appointment of the General Education Implementation Committee (GEIC), an ad hoc committee of the Arts and Sciences Council. The Council is the primary representative body for the faculty of the College of Arts and Sciences. Read more
Guard tower

‘Climate of fear’ can erode social fabric, Japanese American scholar says

Tom Ikeda, founder of Japanese American Legacy Project, to give keynote address at CU Boulder event on Feb. 23. Read more

Can't get to sleep? Pitch a tent for the weekend

Filling the day with natural light and the night with true darkness for as little as a weekend can have a profound impact on our circadian rhythm, that may help us fall asleep earlier and potentially deliver other health benefits, according to new research involving Colorado campers. Read more
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Cardio health

Diet-mimicking pill could reverse cardiovascular aging

CU Boulder researchers have successfully reversed vascular dysfunction in aging mice with a dietary supplement. The findings have implications for preventing cardiovascular dysfunction and disease during aging in humans.
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Physics prof’s home, like the man himself, is now an icon
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Thinking globally, eating locally
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The visionaries see brighter days in Peru
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Author has Mongrels on the brain