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Should Christians exercise ‘The Benedict Option’?

Conservative author Rod Dreher to make the case for emulating St. Benedict’s retreat from a decadent world in CU Boulder appearance. Read more

In spring, we see colorful willows growing pine cones

I was treated to a colorful sunrise and later I noticed a marshy meadow bright with green, yellow, orange and red willows. Colors were born by stems, not leaves, so the effect was delicate and diaphanous against wind piled banks of snow. Read more

Gang membership seldom originates in prison, new study suggests

Juvenile offenders are more likely to leave a gang than join one while incarcerated, according to a surprising, first-of-its kind study by CU Boulder criminologist David Pyrooz. Read more

Last remnant of North American ice sheet on track to vanish

The last piece of the ice sheet that once blanketed much of North America is doomed to disappear in the next several centuries, says a new study by researchers at Simon Fraser University in British Columbia and the University of Colorado Boulder. Read more

International-affairs students launch scholarship fund

Without scholarships, a lot of ‘super smart’ students would not be able to attend or finish college, CU Boulder students and philanthropists note. Read more

CIRES director to host sneak peek of citizen science documentary series

Enabled by smartphones, computers and mobile technology, regular people are observing their environments, monitoring neighborhoods and collecting information about the world and the things they care about. These so-called “citizen scientists” are the focus of "The Crowd and the Cloud," a 4-part public television series premiering in April hosted by CU Boulder Professor Waleed Abdalati. Read more

First initial of last name could foretell one's success or setback in life

As the end of the school year approaches, the season of recognition – with awards ceremonies, performances and graduations – flourishes for many. Read more

Blind student aims to help others reach great heights

An undergraduate student is parlaying her experience in designing and building space instruments to create workshops for blind high school and college students so they can gain the hands-on training needed to excel in science and engineering careers. Read more

Gregarious bushtits have arrived

When I approached this group of three (see the photo) too closely, they flew off. But they did not fly away, but at me, passing within a foot of my head. So I was buzzed by a gang of small but cheeky birds. Read more

Kubi technology allows housebound student to attend class

Because she had hip surgery during the winter break, University of Colorado Student Annie Miller could not physically attend class in the beginning weeks of the spring 2017 semester. A robot and some teamwork ensured that she could attend remotely. Read more

Larger disasters 'inevitable,' says new Natural Hazards Center director

Lori Peek, who was just starting her third year of graduate school at CU Boulder, watched the catastrophe of 9/11 unfold from afar. But soon after the twin towers fell, she packed her bags and flew into the chaos. Read more

Several grad programs deemed 'tops' for 2018 by US News & World Report

Numerous other CU Boulder schools, colleges, departments and programs hold places in the national rankings within their fields. Read more
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