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The art of the socket

When an 11-year-old llama named Bella broke her right hind leg in a gopher hole in 2010, her owners, Chuck Robuck and Trish Brandt-Robuck of Newcastle, Calif., chose to amputate rather than euthanize her. Read more

Vint Cerf, co-founder of the Internet, to speak on ‘digital preservation’

Google’s Chief Internet Evangelist to give Gamow lecture at CU Boulder Feb. 10 Having a... Read more

In ‘We Are the Wake,’ CU playwright brings the dead back to life

New Play Festival winner reveals the rich history of New York’s Hart Island On an... Read more

CU stages fresh adaptation of 500-year-old play ‘Everyman’

When death comes calling, how will you measure your time on Earth? That’s the question presented in “Everyman,” a classic 15th-century morality play. Read more

Trump's America, one year later, is focus of diverse panel discussion

A panel discussion titled “Trump’s America: One Year Later” is scheduled for Wednesday, Jan. 24, at 5:30 p.m. in Hale Science Room 270 Read more
Artist's Illustration of the Black Hole

Researchers catch supermassive black hole burping—twice

Researchers have caught a supermassive black hole in a distant galaxy snacking on gas and then "burping"—not once, but twice. Read more

Noise pollution causes chronic stress in birds, hindering reproduction

Birds exposed to constant noise from oil and gas operations show physiological signs of chronic stress and—in some cases—have chicks whose growth is stunted, according to new CU Boulder research. Read more

Alum leads effort to bring smart guns to market

Margot Hirsch (Class’82) believes there’s a way to minimize the violence without wading deep into the fraught debate about legislative gun control. Read more

Béla Fleck to present Macky concert with Brooklyn Rider

If there’s one word that sums up what Béla Fleck and Brooklyn Rider have in common, it’s eclectic. Read more

BFA dance concert explores emotions that unite us

The CU Boulder dance division kicks off 2018 with “Catapult,” a dance concert of original pieces by four BFA candidates. Read more
Photograph of Clint Carroll in the field.

Clint Carroll: Rooting research in tribal partnerships

Native American and indigenous studies professor designs research relevant to tribal communities and the academy. Read more

Ramen King

Ramen wasn’t Ivan Orkin’s calling. At first. Then he started selling ramen with an American influence in Tokyo. Read more
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Both sides misunderstand Margaret Mead, prof contends

Both Mead’s conservative critics—some of whom went so far as to claim she “caused” the moral degradation of America—and liberal supporters—who tend to see Mead as a feminist icon—have misunderstood her views on these issues, finds Paul Shankman.
Standing up to madness, for decades
Global climate-change pacts moving toward market-based approaches, scholar finds
Depression-era shortstop catches good fortune, passes it on
La-la landings