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cell phone

CU Boulder grad licks problem of slippery cell phones

Her invention and new company, CatTongue Grips, was born because no other product offered grippiness without scratching Read more
Map of Oyo's Collapse, 1822

Maps of fallen kingdom shed light on Atlantic slave trade

New maps of pre-colonial Africa provide context on the slaves who departed from the Bight of Benin Read more

The CU Scientist Cracking the Love Code

Like humans, voles mate for life. Zoe Donaldson, a CU assistant professor of behavioral neuroscience, wants to know why. Read more

Is climate change fueling civil war?

Climate change has played a small but important role in fueling civil wars and other armed conflicts in recent decades and will play an exponentially greater role in the future, according to a new study. Read more
refugee camp in Uganda

Anthropologist wins research award to work with young refugees

She wants to improve the lives of children living in the world’s second largest refugee camp, which is in Uganda and shelters people fleeing violence and unrest in South Sudan. Read more
Hurricane Harvey flooding

Grant-writing boot camp pays off for social sciences

Four workshop participants win big National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellowship Read more
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