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High-school student helps science-ed team update its simulations

'Even students studying degrees in computer programming have difficulty doing this from scratch,' PhET Interactive... Read more
Painted lady image

A prolonged migration of painted ladies

We have been immersed in a large and prolonged migration of painted lady butterflies. On a small scale, it does not appear to be a migration, for the flight of individual butterflies appears undisciplined and erratic, unlikely to be a purposeful movement to a common destination. Read more

Post-Ferguson ‘de-policing’ more pronounced in nonwhite areas, study finds

The fact that crime rates in Ferguson, Mo., remained steady even as the number of traffic stops and arrests fell—and that the de-policing occurred disproportionately in non-white areas—suggests that cops had previously been “over-policing,” research from CU Boulder and others finds. Read more

Kuwaiti citizen, English grad wins top alumni prize

Yusur Al-Madani will return to Boulder on Oct. 26 to receive CU Boulder’s George Norlin Award, which “recognizes outstanding alumni who have demonstrated a commitment to excellence in their chosen field of endeavor and a devotion to the betterment of society and their community.” Read more

Filmmaker alums tackle nuclear weapons buildup

The nuclear weapons buildup and the protests against it were for many simply the news of the day, but for two filmmakers from the University of Colorado Boulder it may turn out to be a provocative theme for a historical documentary and multimedia oral-history archive. Read more
Sarah Crump

Digging in the Arctic mud for answers to climate change

Paleoclimatologist Sarah Crump, a PhD student and INSTARR researcher, studies the effects of climate variability in the Canadian Arctic by analyzing ancient DNA from lake sediment. Read more

When stars collide: prof explains this week's dense discovery

Wrap your mind around this: Neutron stars, the collapsed cores of once-large stars, are thought to be so dense that a teaspoon of one would weigh more than Mt. Everest. Read more

Experts to discuss civic discourse ‘Beyond #Protest’

The role of social media in protests, concepts of privilege and protest in sports, and ways protesters can be most effective will be discussed by a trio of experts at CU Boulder Nov. 1, at noon in Old Main Chapel. Read more

Expert to discuss God and local 'theory' of mind

An expert on the American evangelical relationship with God will discuss her scholarly work this week on the University of Colorado Boulder campus. Read more

Slavery forums draw interest, crowds on campus

A series of participatory forums looking back at American racism by the University of Colorado Boulder’s History Department is proving to be a very popular campus learning experience, with organizers working on the fly make sure as many interested people as possible can attend. Read more
Atomic Clock

New JILA atomic clock can outperform all predecessors

Physicists have created an atomic clock that reaches the same level of precision as its predecessors but is more than 20 times faster, promising dramatically improved measurements and more. Read more

Professors of distinction discuss distinguished careers

Newly minted professors of distinction have notable expertise in artists’ personas, natural-language technology, classic poems and climate-change education, and on Sept. 21, they offered a public overview of their work. Read more
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