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Meet CU Boulder’s Viking-cowboy-scholar

He’s a competitive pistol shooter who spends much of his free time roaming the wilds of Wyoming. And he has thousands of followers on YouTube, where he regales followers with tales of Nordic heroes in a dulcet baritone. Read more

Prof seeks volunteers for study on freshmen with depression

Research focuses on young people who face ‘a dizzying duality of both resilience and risk.’ Read more

Beavers feed mourning cloak butterflies

I found the mourning cloak when I was trying to photograph the beavers living at the confluence of the Green and Yampa Rivers. Read more

Statistics lab helps developing world do high-impact research

Solving big problems sometimes involves crunching big data, and a University of Colorado Boulder initiative has won a significant grant to help the developing world do just that. Read more
locust borer

Bright beetle gains protection through similarity to wasps

A defenseless insect can gain protection from predators if it evolves to resemble a well-defended species. Read more
Photograph of Chris Ray with an unconscious pika

CU Boulder pika researcher receives conservation award

A CU Boulder researcher is being recognized by the Denver Zoo for her extensive work studying the pika across the Colorado alpine Read more
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