In roundworms, fats tip the scales of fertility

April 20, 2017

Proper nutrition can unleash amazing powers, moms have always assured us, frequently citing Popeye the Sailor Man as evidence. Now, two CU Boulder scientists have confirmed just how potent some nutrients can be.Read more »

Potentially habitable 'super-Earth' is prime target for atmospheric study

April 19, 2017

The study of alien worlds is entering its next phase as astronomers amass the best planets outside our Solar System to look for signs of life. A newly discovered “super-Earth” orbiting in the habitable zone of a nearby small star, has catapulted itself to the top of that list.Read more »

Student unlocks mysteries of Norlin’s Tibetan Buddhist texts

April 17, 2017

As an undergraduate at Siena College, Eben Yonnetti, on a whim, went on a study abroad trip to Nepal to study in the Tibetan and Himalayan Peoples program. Yonnetti eventually became so engaged with Tibetans and Tibetan culture that he decided to study Tibetan language and religious practices and ideasRead more »

New era of western wildfire demands new ways of protecting people, ecosystems

April 17, 2017

According to a new paper led by CU Boulder, current wildfire policy can’t adequately protect people, homes and ecosystems from the longer, hotter fire seasons climate change is causing.Read more »

Climbing higher in Himalaya studies

April 15, 2017

Building on the expertise of faculty scholars, the Tibet Himalaya Initiative is putting CU Boulder on experts’ map.Read more »

Warped factors

April 13, 2017

Kip Thorne, pioneer in gravitational waves, creative force behind ‘Interstellar,’ to give 51st Gamow lecture at CU Boulder April 27.Read more »

Local efforts appear to be helping struggling bumblebee populations

April 12, 2017

Native bumblebee populations remained stable across Boulder County in recent years with none of the 22 native species showing declines over a 5-year period, according to new CU Boulder research. Two native species thought to be headed for extinction in parts of North America were found in several locations in the county.Read more »

'A House for Every Daughter' ethnographic photography exhibit

April 12, 2017

Dennis McGilvray, University of Colorado Boulder Emeritus Professor and President of the American Institute of Sri Lanka Studies, is pursuing a research project that began four decades ago in Sri Lanka.Read more »

Restoring American Growth 

April 12, 2017

An economics professor who calls himself a “supply side liberal” has a few ideas about jump-starting the U.S. economy that he will share Monday, April 17.Read more »

Fear and democracy, security and freedom

April 11, 2017

How and whether constitutional democracies can balance challenges to public safety and their commitment to individual rights is the topic of a presentation this month by political scientist Ira Katznelson at the University of Colorado Boulder.Read more »