Each of the three divisions of the College of Arts and Sciences has a faculty governance body, known as a Divisional Council.

The Divisional Councils are made up of all Chairs and Directors in the Division, plus four at-large faculty from individual departments, serving one-year terms, and rotating through the departments on a yearly basis, and one at-large Teaching Faculty member, serving a two year term. The Dean of Division is an ex-officio member of the Divisional Council.

The Divisional Councils also have Divisional Curriculum and Divisional Budget Committees, which may be subcommittees or committees of the whole.

The Divisional Councils each send two members to the ASFS Executive Committee meetings, with these representatives also attending the ASFS General meetings. These individuals serve three-year terms. A Chair is elected for each Divisional Council, from among the Chairs and Directors on the Council, serving a one-year term.

Current Divisional Council Chairs:

Natural Sciences: Jim Goodrich, Biochemistry (jim.goodrich@colorado.edu)
Social Sciences: Martin Boileau, Economics (martin.boileau@colorado.edu)
Arts and Humanities: Beverly Weber, Germanic and Slavic (beverly.weber@colorado.edu)