BFA student installation

The BFA degree in Art Practices is a more specialized degree in studio art. It allows you to take a higher number of courses through the Art & Art History Department. Choose this degree if you like to make art at an intense level. Choose this degree if you want to create a personal portfolio, attend graduate school, want a career directly related to the arts, or are interested in pursuing a teaching career at the college level. Requirements include 63 credits of ARTS & ARTH coursework, passing a BFA Portfolio review, completing lower-division required courses, taking the BFA Seminar class and a recommended GPA of 3.0 within Art & Art History.

The Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree program offers advanced studio study to a limited number of highly motivated and talented students. The BFA student may choose one area of studio emphasis or an interdisciplinary focus where two or three studio areas are represented. Admission will be l limited not only in terms of capacity but also to ensure the type of record, motivation and the passing of a portfolio review. Upon failure to pass a second BFA Portfolio Review, students will complete a BASA degree.

Eligible students must have completed 30 hours of Art & Art History credit.  It is strongly recommended for students to apply before reaching 45 credits in the major.

. Application Deadline:
October 15 — Fall semester
March 15 — Spring semester

Bachelor of Fine Arts Application

University Catalog — Degree Requirements

Contact Information:
Main office on the 3rd Floor of the VAC, RM 330