printmaking students in critique
printmaking students looking at prints
Melanie Yazzie talking to students in printmaking critique

Printmaking at CU reflects the dynamic mix of tradition and innovation that defines the medium today. The program encourages aesthetic exploration across all the traditional print mediums while emphasizing current best practices in the field with the inclusion of processes that are non-toxic. Printmaking faculty encourage the development of conceptual skills, technical expertise and individual aesthetic while students explore a wide range of print mediums. Students can explore their artistic visions in any of the following mediums: intaglio, relief, lithography, screen print, monotype and alternative methods. The studios are equipped for all processes related to each medium. 

Our space consists of approximately 7,830 square feet including dedicated areas for litho, intaglio, relief, screen printing areas, acid room, flat files and storage. Additionally, digital, photographic and alternate techniques are supported We have four Takash etching presses with press bed sizes spanning 76" x 40" to 48" x 24". Lithography hosts three presses ranging from 43" x 81" to 30" x 48". All studios feature extensive ventilation.