At the University of Colorado at Boulder, the Foundations Arts Program introduces studio undergraduates to a cohesive curriculum offered through a sequence of first-year courses. The focus of this curriculum is on visual literacy and understanding the use of technique as a tool to illustrate concepts that span many different art disciplines and cultures. This program includes two core courses designed for the student to progressively build upon his or her existing aptitudes and to be introduced to new ways of working and thinking. Foundation Faculty carefully guide students through a comprehensive program, providing students with a thorough understanding of contemporary art and art practice to ensure a successful creative future.

Students develop creative, expressive, and analytical skills through a variety of multidisciplinary assignments, including digital media. Each course consists of studio practice and a lecture series. The first Foundations Arts course ARTS 1010 focuses on introducing the students to two and three-dimensional design practices with exploration in color theory. ARTS 1020 is designed to introduce the students to a more conceptual approach to theme based projects with attention to Digital Arts. These courses introduce a range of theoretical positions, artistic methods, materials, and media that are key to art making.