Our state-of-the-art, LEED-certified building includes large classroom studios and the Woodman Study Collection: one studio is devoted more to throwing and the other is solely a hand construction studio. Dividing the two spaces is the exhibition room for the Woodman Study Collection. The Woodman Study Collection is a collection of ceramic objects started by Betty Woodman. She had acquired these pieces over her thirty years of teaching in Boulder. The collection has two large glass cases of displayed work and a room with a study table for closer observation and handling of ceramic objects.

Undergraduate students in ceramics are engaged in a rigorous program that simultaneously develops their conceptual, technical, and formal skills as artists. There is a natural progression of courses, beginning with more structured assignments and skill development, working towards more independent projects at the advanced level. At all levels, students engage in lively critiques and develop their formal language as they learn to look carefully and discuss one another’s work.