COVID-19 Protocols — Watch This Video Before Your Visit to the Visual Arts Complex

Visual Arts Complex COVID-19 Hours of Operation (subject to change)

VAC Access Notice

Until Further Notice: MFA, MA, PhD, BFA, and Post-Bac students will continue to have access to the VAC. Students enrolled in classes that have been approved for return to in-person teaching will continue to have access to the VAC.

Those classes include: ARTS 1875 300E, ARTS 2085, ARTS 2095, ARTS 3085, ARTS 4085, ARTS 4641/5641, ARTS 5202, ARTS 5176, ARTS 4104/5104.

Classes not listed are being conducted remotely and student work is expected to be conducted offsite.



  • Building hours: 7 AM-10 PM
  • Administration office hours (RM 330): Monday, Wednesday and Friday, 8-12 PM 
  • Administration remote hours: Tuesday and Thursday, 8-4 PM

Contact: Jean Goldstein, Administrative Assistant.
Available in Teams during business hours.


Visual Resources Center (VRC)

Monday - Friday, 9 AM-4 PM
Room 310, VAC

More Information about the VRC

Contact: Elaine Paul, Visual Resources Specialist or Lia Pileggi, Digital Imaging & Tech Coordinator

Elaine Paul and Lia Pileggi are available in Teams during business hours.


Equipment & VAC Room Reservations

Patron Portal

See our brief video tutorials on reserving
rooms and spaces and VRC equipment.

Access to resources depends on course enrollment or other affiliations. Contact the VRC with questions about the Patron Portal.


Interdisciplinary Media Art Practices (IMAP)

  • Photo Labs: Monday-Thursday, 1-9 PM
  • Lighting Studio: 7 AM-10 PM, 7-days/week
  • OIT Computer Lab: 7 AM-10 PM, 7 days a week
  • Video Lab: Closed Fall 2020

Contact: Mariana Vieira, ​IMAP Coordinator and Print Lab Manager. Available in Teams during business hours.


Metal Shop

  • Monday, closed
  • Tuesday, 2-8 PM
  • Wednesday, 12-6 PM
  • Thursday, 2-8 PM
  • Friday, closed
  • Sunday, Safety Orientation,10 AM- 12 PM

CNC Router:

  • Monday, 3:30-7:30 PM
  • Tuesday, 1:30-6:30 PM
  • Wednesday, 1-3 PM

More Information about the metal shop

Contact: Evan Blackstock, Metal Shop & CNC Lab Coordinator


Print Lab

  • Print Lab (1st Floor): Monday-Friday, 10 AM-12 PM

Contact: Mariana Vieira, ​IMAP Coordinator and Print Lab Manager. Available in Teams during business hours.


Wood Shop

It is best to make an appointment for using the woodshop during open hours by simply sending an email to describing what you wish to accomplish so we set up based on your needs.

  • Monday, 2-10 PM
  • Wednesday, 2-10 PM
  • Friday, 2-10 PM
  • Saturday, 2-10 PM