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Disclosure of External Professional Activities (DEPA) Form

This page provides informaton about the DEPA form, troubleshooting access problems, and who is required to submit the form. NOTE: Submission of a DEPA report will not be possible starting at 5p.m.9/23/14 until 8a.m.9/25/14 as updates are made to the system. Thank you for your patience.

To view a sample DEPA form before beginning a submission:

DEPA Sample Form

All DEPA forms MUST be submitted electronically for tracking and audting purposes.

To access the online DEPA form:

We strongly recommend using the following browsers: Explorer, Firefox,  Safari.

  1. Log in to MyCUInfo at
  2. Click on top tab: CU Resources. (If this tab does not appear please see the Need Assistance section)
  3. Click on Faculty Reporting & DEPA (LOWER left side in the  dark grey shaded area with a + sign; NOT in the blue shaded Reporting area)
  4. Scroll down until the DEPA link become visible, it appears after the FRPA information appears. Click on the grey bar with the words: Login to DEPA

Need Assistance?

  • You must be established in the CU personnel system with either a six digit  Employee ID number (EIN) or Person of Interest ID number (POI) in order to access the DEPA reporting site. The POI Code Type should be either: External Trainee or Security Access,  as other POI codes will not  provide access. For assistance with the POI process please contact the Personnel Payroll Liaison (PPL) for the department with which you are affiliated. (If you are certain that you have an active EIN or POI number and you still do not see the CU Resources tab, contact IT Help.) UPDATE FOR FALL 2014: STUDENTS who are not currently University employees (ie do not have an active EIN number) should WAIT until OCT 1, 2014 to submit a DEPA or take SkillSoft COI training. A new process will be in place to allow students to access the DEPA, and training for those required to take it, using a student id number. Additional details will be provided once this mechanism is finalized.

  • IT Help: If you have technical difficulties logging into MyCUInfoaccessing the CU Resources tab, or accessing the link to the DEPA form, please assess your browser . We strongly recommend using the following browsers: Explorer, Firefox,  Safari. If difficulties persist please contact IT: or call: 303-735-4357 (5-HELP)

  • Content Help: If you have questions about the DEPA form, please see the Sample DEPA Form or email the Compliance Director, Conflicts of Interest and Commitment in the Office of the Vice Chancellor for Research: or, simply, Or call 303-492-3024.

Who is required to submit the DEPA?

All faculty, and any other employee or student with responsibility for the design, conduct or reporting of research are considered critical to the research process and must disclose any significant financial interest and external professional activity that could compromise university decision making or duties. Projects and protocols submitted to the Office of Grants and Contracts or to the IRB cannot receive approval until an annual DEPA is submitted, reviewed and approved.   It is not for each individual researcher to decide if he/she must report based on a belief that no conflicts exist.  ALL personnel listed in the groups below must report, as stipulated, in order for the institution to be in compliance with federal regulations and institutional policies. 

The following University of Colorado Boulder personnel required to submit an annual Disclosure of External Professional Activities (DEPA) include:

  • ALL Tenure track faculty (assistant, associate, full professor)
  • ALL Adjunct faculty (assistant, associate, full professor) and Visiting faculty
  • NOTE: Adjoint faculty DO NOT need to submit
  • ALL Research professors (assistant, associate, full)
  • ALL Research employees with "research" in the title (e.g. professional research assistants [PRAs], senior professional research assistants, research associates, and senior research associates)
  • Museum associates
  • Librarians
  • Any KEY PERSONNEL involved in research who is supported in salary, supplies, space or other resources by grant funding. (This includes PIs, co-investigators, and may include coordinators, graduate students/students.)
  • Undergraduate students, Graduate students, Fellows-IF they are responsible for the design, conduct or reporting of research
  • Volunteers and consultants-IF they are responsible for the design conduct or reporting of research. (Non-university employees such as collaborators, consultants and subcontractors may be allowed to submit disclosure from another institution, depending upon funding agency requirements.)
  • Staff who negotiate or execute research agreements on behalf of UCB, staff of Contracts and Grants, and staff of the Technology Transfer Office, and members of research review committees
  • Note: Professional Exempt personnel (P.E.), Instructors (assistant, instructor, senior), Lecturers and Teaching Assistants DO NOT need to submit unless they are responsible for the design, conduct or reporting of research or negotiating or executing agreements on behalf of UCB. 

Are there ramifications of failure to comply?
Failure to submit a DEPA, or other violations of the Conflict of Interest and Commitment Policy and Procedures, can put an individual researcher, his/her research project(s), the associated department and the university, as a whole, at risk for sanctions. Therefore, disciplinary action as described in the Policy and Procedures may be employed to help mitigate infractions. Note,  research review committee approvals cannot proceed until requirements are met; grant awards and contract monies cannot be released; speedtypes may be frozen.

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