The Research Professor Series (Assistant Research Professors, Associate Research Professors and Research Professors) hiring and promotion processes are similar to the tenure-track processes: a nomination is made, the nominating unit submits the hiring dossier and documentation to the EAC (Executive Advisory Council) in the Research & Innovation Office, which is responsible for the final review and approval. Individuals hired in the Research Professor Series must have grant funding to support salary, benefits, etc., and are expected to have comparable responsibilities (research, service, etc.) in their formulated workload.

The following documents address the policies and procedures, as well as the checklists which are to be used in the hiring, reappointment, and promotion processes: 

The following templates are electronically sent to the hiring unit after the EAC has reviewed the dossier of the candidate:

It is strongly recommended that nomination packets be electronically submitted by the last working day of each month to the following link:

The Research & Innovation Office will notify the nominating department when a decision has been made, and will be notified when the proposed offer letter is to be submitted for review.