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Panoramic Flutist

The Panoramic Flutist

This year I will be joined by Paula Robison, Lisa Garner Santa, and Jennifer Keeney!!! May 26-29, 2015

The pianist for this year's seminar will be Margaret McDonald!

Join us in beautiful Boulder for five days devoted to the flute. With shared meals and experience we hope to create a sense of true community that will last well beyond our session. We will delve into the practice, study, and performance of our instrument with creative workshops and sessions designed to address the whole musician: body, mind, and artistry. Manifesting Music, Movement, Meditation

Tentative Schedule


3:00-4:15 Faculty Concert

4:30- 6:00 General Meeting and Dinner

6:15-7:45 Introductions



8:30 Yoga: Evoking the Muse (Garner Santa)

9:45-11:00 Keeney Masterclass

11-12 Our Flute Voice (Robison)

12:00-1:00 Lunch

1:00-3:00 Jennings Masterclass

3:00-3:45 The Moveable Flutist (Jennings)

6-7 Practice is a Playground (Ms. Keeney)

7:30 Robison Recital




10-12 Robison Masterclass

12:00-1:00 The Moveable Flutist (Jennings)

1-2 Lunch

2:00-4:00 Garner Santa Masterclass

6-8 Robison Masterclass

8-9 Yoga: A Guided Meditation (Garner Santa)


5/29 (At Chautaqua)

8:30-11 Group solo and excerpts class

11 Final Yoga and Moveable Flutist



Up to 20 performers and an unlimited number of participants will be accepted. Applications and CDs are due April 15th.  The link to the online google is available here

Tuition: Performers: $575 Participants: $475 One day events pass: $175

Housing is provided for an additional fee. If you would like to live on campus- we offer a 4-5 night package in an airconditioned building with breafast included for a very reasonable fee. Here is the link for that option: