About Us

Since its founding in 1920, the University of Colorado Boulder College of Music has established itself as one of the top university music programs in the United States. With its award-winning faculty of professional performers, composers and scholars, the College of Music links tradition with innovation in its curricula. 

The college’s distinctive combination of core educational programs with professional experiences prepares students for success. Courses covering virtually all areas of music are accessible through several undergraduate and graduate degrees in more than 23 fields of study and elective certificates in music technology and entrepreneurship. 

Ensemble experiences include a full complement of concert and jazz bands, choirs and symphonic orchestras as well as chamber groups, pioneering world music ensembles and a state-of-the-art laptop orchestra. The College of Music presents more than 400 musical events to the public each year, ranging from fully staged operas to early and new music performances. 

The rich resources of a leading research university, providing students access to the liberal arts and numerous interdisciplinary opportunities, enhance this intensive musical training. With 300 undergraduate and 250 graduate students, the College of Music boasts a faculty-to-student ratio of approximately one faculty member for every six students. This close interaction inspires and equips students to develop their talents, refine their passions and ultimately succeed in their professional endeavors.