College of Music

University of Colorado Boulder

Yonatan Malin

Associate Professor of Music Theory

Yonatan Malin is Associate Professor of Music Theory. His areas of research include the German Lied, music-text relations, theories of rhythm and meter, and liturgical music in Jewish traditions. His book Songs in Motion: Rhythm and Meter in the German Lied was published in 2010 in the series Oxford Studies in Music Theory. He has published articles in Music Analysis andMusic Theory Spectrum, and a chapter in the new edited volumeExpressive Intersections in Brahms (2012). This chapter explores the interaction of words, music, and images in theBrahms Fantasy, a bound volume by the German artist Max Klinger, and it draws on a digital version of the Brahms Fantasy produced by Malin in collaboration with colleagues in Art History, Music, and the New Media Lab at Wesleyan University. Professor Malin received a PhD from the University of Chicago, and he has presented papers at national meetings of the Society for Music Theory, the First International Conference on Analytical Approaches to World Music, and the Second International Conference on Music and Gesture.

Professor Malin is currently editor of Music Theory Online (MTO), a journal of the Society for Music Theory. MTO is a leading journal in the field with peer-reviewed scholarship that combines text and multimedia (sound files, video, and animation). The journal publishes articles in all areas of music theory, including the analysis of popular music, world music traditions, and performance; mathematical music theory; Schenkerian theory; and music theory pedagogy.

Malin served as an Instructor in the College of Music at CU-Boulder in 2003-04, and as Assistant and then Associate Professor at Wesleyan University in 2004-12. He enjoys teaching music theory and advising students at all levels. His courses have included introductory music theory, music history surveys, a seminar in music analysis, and a course in comparative theory—introducing the field to graduate students in ethnomusicology.